#10-minute blank song on iTunes


Call it a first world problem, but it’s pertinent at least to our generation. If you’ve ever plugged your phone into your car music system, you’d know why it’s annoying for the same song to start playing every single time. Sometimes it’s annoying because you have heard that song too many time, and sometimes it’s just one of your guilty pleasures you don’t want anyone else to know about. However, now you can put an end to this nightmare, and it’s all thanks to a song.

One fed up genius, Samir Mezrahi, has figured the way out of this otherwise-ridiculous-but-too-irritating-to-get-over issue, with the help of a 9:58 minute long silent song. (By the way, there’s a reason why it’s 9:58 minutes and not full 10 minutes. iTunes charges for a full album once a song goes beyond 10 minutes).

Named A a a a a Very Good Song  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-a-a-a-a-very-good-song-single/id1268932999, he released the song five days ago, and it’s already making a lot of buzz on the social media and on the iTunes.

Essentially, since iPhone plays music alphabetically whenever you plug it into many music systems, that usually means there’s one song that you hear whether you want to or not. But thanks to Rezhami’s blank song and quirky trick of naming it A a a a a Very Good Song, this would always play first and give you plenty of time to queue up the songs you want to hear.

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