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Bezel-less Sharp Phone image leaked


Bezel-less Sharp Phone image leaked


Sharp Phone’s manager accidentally revealed an image of its new bezel-less phone which they have been working on since a long time. The special thing that brings this phone in new is that, the phone seems to be totally bezel-less. Which means Sharp phone will have a full screen with no bezel. The full screen phone is surely a great surprise for all of smartphone lovers.

Following the trend of making curved display (Samsung Note 8), or full screen (Apple is working on it), the Chinese Phone manufacturer brand Sharp Phone is working on making their phone totally bezel-less. There is a picture that leaked on Chinese networking website Weibo, and it is said to be coming direct from the manager of the Sharp Phones.

Full Screen display of Apple iPhone 8

Bezel-less phones are hard to design because there are front facing camera, speaker and sensors too. So in order to design such a phone which have a full screen means that either front accessories have to be removed or all these stuffs have to organise in such a way that everything works normally keeping the whole front area available for screen.

The picture received from the manager of the Sharp phone, might be a photoshop, but a manager just can’t tease in that way. We can expect the phone to be announced soon by the company, before the Apple reveals its new phone to the world.

Whatever it will be, Samsung Note 8 will be a wonderful phone this year, as it’s all about the image of the company and the Note segment of the phone. Iphone 8 will also be an interesting phone this year, as most of the Apple lover were not much excited after seeing the iPhone 7 last year.

I personally waiting all this rumour to be true. And I hope that there is an official announcement or conformation from the company soon. Whole world is expecting from big phone brands to bring something new for them because now a days almost all phone looks same.


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