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Day 1: Biggest announcements from Google I/O 2017


Day 1: Biggest announcements from Google I/O 2017

On Wednesday morning in Mountain View, California, Google announced many exciting things including Hardware and Software on the first day if its annual keynote. The company speak about exciting new products and plenty of improvements.

Some of the announcements from the first day keynote are:

Google Lens

Google has added a smart feature in the phone’s camera segment. Google has provided a vision to its camera though which camera will be able to tell the details of those things upon which the camera is pointed. You point your camera on a flower and it will tell you which flower is it, point your camera on something and it will detect it and give you the info about that particular stuff. Lens feature will be available in the Google Assistant and the Photos for now.

Google Photos

Google has added some new exciting new features in its Photos software. Suggested Sharing, Shared libraries and Photo Book, these features are added in the software that will use machine learning. With these features if you take a group picture, later on the software will suggest you to share the pic with those person in the group picture. Shared libraries will share a photo album together with your family member or friends.

Android O

Google keynote without Android OS is meaningless, in past months Google showed us their new Android O in a developer preview mode, on Wednesday google showed us the beta version of the Android O. Some cool feature in this latest android are Picture-in-picture support, enhanced Notification, Google play store has got a virus scanner in-built the app. This OS will make the phone faster and less power consuming from its new feature called “wise limits”, which will monitor apps activity and stop them from using excess storage and battery.

VR and AR

As expected Google is working on a standalone Daydream VR, which doesn’t need a smartphone or PC to operate and it will be wireless. Company is also working on the AR and included a new feature in it Visual Positioning Services (VPS).

On the first day Google announced these new softwares and rest many software improvements and updates in its earlier softwares like Google Assistant, Youtube, Google Home, Google Assistant on IPhone, Find my device app, smart reply in Gmail. This is all in the first day of the keynote, 2 days more to go. We hope we get few more exciting products from Google.

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