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Far Cry 5 Exotic Location created some political uproar in US


Far Cry 5 Exotic Location created some political uproar in US. Ubisoft always tend to show us exotic locations through its game, one of the best series of Ubisoft is Far Cry. Far Cry is a mixture of both an exotic location and modern weaponry, nature and modern fight tactics. A week ago Ubisoft launched the announcement trailer video and I am personally going crazy for it. Read about E3 2017 here.


This very new part is the 5th part of Far Cry series from ubisoft. The location of the very new part is Hope County, Montana which is a land of the free and the brave, but there are some bad side too. In this exotic location a financial doomsday cult also exist who are known as Eden’s Gate. What the players will be doing is standing against the cult’s leader Joseph Seed, and his siblings, the heralds and they will spark the fires of resistance that will liberate besieged community.

What I observed till now about the game:-

  1. You can’t expect an urban warfare, it will be a rural battleground, but I will be exploring more in this area.
  2. The leader of Eden’s Gate is Joseph Seed, his elder son is Jacob, who is a big guy (heavy body, military look), younger son John, is the cult’s lawyer. Their half-sister is very good in attracting people from her words.
  3. From the announcement trailer what I found is some pick-up trucks, tractor trucks and several other four-wheeler vehicles which the player will be able to control over.
  4. There also seems to have some planes too for the players to fly through the Country.
  5. You will get control over customizing the looks of yourself in the Far Cry 5. You will get wide range of customization option from skin colours, clothes etc.

The release date of the game is February 2018, as per Ubisoft says for now. But this game has created some political uproar in US since the day Ubisoft released the announcement trailer. As the chosen place in this game belongs to US and they are saying it will create violent and greed on the name of the place. Suggestions and ideas are hearty welcome dear reader.

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