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Google I/O 2017 day 2 was mainly focused on VR, AR and Artificial Intelligence


Google I/O 2017 day 2 was mainly focused on VR, AR and Artificial Intelligence.

Google brought many big features and improvement to its VR technology making if faster and more virtually real in for the consumer.

Google brought “Euphrates” to its VR, with this features the Google will be able to record the user’s experience and will share it with the company and other user to improve the technology in better way. Google is working with HCL and Lenovo to bring its hardware in the market for the consumers.

“Discovery Channel” will be bringing a new Channel to deliver VR ready content. Youtube will get a new support with a new application which will deliver VR content and will have optimization and adjustability according to the device and the VR. Users will also be able to enjoy all the VR content all at one place and discuss their experience among other users at the same place.

A new Graphics engine “Seurat” was introduced on the 2nd Day at Google I/O 2017, which is named after a famous French painter. This new engine will render real-time VR Graphics to deliver powerful and real graphics on the Gaming Devices. As per the google said, this new engine can render a scene from Star Wars Rouge One in 13 millionseconds on mobile GPUs, which used to take hours before.

Google also discussed deeply about its Tensor Technology which will help the developer to develop the android in better and more efficiently. It will improve the speed and efficiency of the Machine learning technology. This new unit will be able to handle machine learning training and the company says it is able to deliver 180 teraflops of performance.

Improving and making the Artificial Intelligence Technology and the VR, AR Technology faster and better for the consumers were the main topic of discussion of the 2nd day on the Google I/O 2017.

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