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Google I/O 2017 expectations and rumours


Google I/O 2017 is starting from today (17th May), and we have great expectations from Google to see something new and improved version of technology. It’s a 3 day fulltime event from Wednesday till Friday. We all have seen Google is updating its software versions and including something new in it as soon as possible to make technology simpler, better, faster and smaller. Just like past years, it is expected that google reveal something new in today’s keynote, in terms of hardware and powerful developer tools.

you can check the live event here.

Android O

Last year Google gave us Android Nougat, and it did great job in improving hardware performance and making user usability simpler and faster. Today it is expected that Google will showcase the world successor of Android Nougat which will be Android O (Oreo, as per the rumours), but we will get the real name in today’s keynote. Google already gave us early look if it in the developer preview, we expect more improved OS and something new in it.

VR and AR

Last year Google unveiled its VR platform, Daydream. The Daydream required a phone to be inserted into a headset to operate, but this year we are hoping a VR which will be totally standalone and needed no phone to be inserted. Don’t know on which software platform this work will, but Google has already many platforms to make it work and stay in the VR competition world.

Google Pixel 2

Last year Google announced a premium Android Smartphone Google Pixel, which had a great hardware and the software which made it one of the most discussed phone of 2016. Today at Google I/O we want to see the next generation of that phone which will be Google Pixel 2.

If we believe on the rumours Pixel 2 will be truly something special. It will also house a dual curved display like that of Samsung Galaxy S8. All the bugs and hardware issue will be solved which the customers have been complaining and which made it loss the competition from its competitor phones.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the main focus of Google I/O 2017. The leading software of the company is reported to get some new features and improved speed and security and it is expected that it will be the biggest update till date.

Google is working on bringing a whole new online payment method in its web browser, which will give the user a new way to make online payment securely and quickly. User will also not needed to enter credit card details each and every time.

But we also have seen the WannaCry Ransomware in past few days which was too scary for the whole world and many computers are still affected from this Ransomware. So we also expect that google brings its new payment method keeping this cyber-attack in mind and keep security in top of its priority.

Google AI

“AI First” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last year. So no wonder Google I/O 2017 will also showcase improved and something new about it Artificial Intelligence softwares and flexible in all its hardware. We expecting Goolge’s Assistant software in a new way and improved version. Earlier version lacked many features and it failed to attract customers. In terms of software it will include the Tensor flow framework which will boost and improve the Google’s Assistant software, and will support more platforms and will be more flexible.

Other things

Google I/O 2017 will also showcase few more products like Android TV, Chromecast, And few more hardwares and softwares. The company always attempt in launching new products and features for the consumers like Google Drive and Camera features. We all are expecting a lot from the Google I/O 2017 and we will keep updated about it as soon as possible.

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