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Google launched almost a final version of Android O


Google launched almost a final version of Android O

Last day Google launched almost a final version of Android O, and it is out for public for testing and download. As expected, there are no major changes in this release and, according to Google, the launch of Android O remains on track for later this summer. I expect Google to launch the final version of its new mobile operating system by next month.

According to Google, this update is a release candidate with final system behaviors, the latest patches, and the final APIs that will launch with Android 8.0. There shouldn’t be any obviously broken things at this point, so it might be stable enough to use as a daily driver until the final release happens. For developers, this is your last chance to test apps and get your updates published before regular users start getting Android O.

The preview is supported on the following phones and tablets:

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel C
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus Player

If you are interested in trying or testing the latest build of Android O, enroll here

While Google has tweaked some of the designs within the OS, DP4 is mainly a close to finished build of Android O which means better performance and finalized APIs for developers. There are few user facing changes in the latest build of Android O. These include adaptive colours for notification dots, the removal of system notifications for media apps, the inclusion of an octopus-themed easter egg, the device’s battery percentage is now bold, and the text on the lock screen is now smaller.

For users and developers, the new version of Android brings better notifications support across the OS, picture-in-picture support, autofill and more. There also are new features that are meant to optimize your phone’s battery.

Well, what I personally believe is that, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Android O will be coming together, or within an interval of 1-2 days. Or it might be also that Samsung already working along with Google to launch its new phablet on the latest Android O. Everything is going to be clear by next month with the press events form the tech giant brands in the month of August. Stay tuned.

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