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Luxury Nokia 3310 is priced at $2500


Luxury Nokia 3310 is priced at $2500

Nokia finally launched the most awaited phone, the 3310 at the MWC 2017 and its most trending news right now among all Nokia lovers. The Nokia 3310 is priced around $50 (which is about Rs 3200 here in India). But Russians seems to celebrate this classic legend phone Nokia 3310 in a whole new way.

A German company known as Caviar has come up with an interesting alteration of the Nokia 3310 with Vladimir Putin-inspired theme. The Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit edition has been created by Russian phone customiser Caviar and comes with all the standard features offered by the regular variant but has a luxurious leather casing that has stripes of ‘Black Velvet’, the phone come with a gold plated circular emblem with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in it.

The ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition of the revamped Nokia 3310, which has been created in honour of the meeting between the president of the US and Russia at G20 international forum. The luxurious feature phone comes with a price tag of 99,000 Russian Rubles ($2500), which is equivalent to Rs 1.12 lakh. That is way higher than the average price of a regular Nokia 3310 which comes with a price tag of $52 (approx. Rs 3,500).

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The case is made up of tempered titanium of VT-23 grade and the coating is a damask steel pattern. If you are thinking that there hasn’t been much thought put into the product, you are wrong. Caviar says that the emblem shows both Donald Trump and Putin looking in the same direction, which shows the common desire for progress in Russian-American relations from both the world leaders.

Caviar Royal Gift, the company behind this creation, says that the gold plaque containing the portraits of the two presidents symbolizes their “common desire for progress in US-Russia relations.” The phone also features hardened titanium with a pattern of “Damascus steel” which apparently represents “the protection of justice.” The asking price? 149,000 Russian Rubles, or roughly $2,500.

Specifications are same as the normal Nokia 3310. The normal classic 3310 costs $50 (INR 3200), while the special luxury edition “Putin-Trump” is priced at $2500 ( about INR 1.12 lakhs). Not all Nokia lovers are going to buy the Luxury Nokia 3310, but its surly a national emblem for many patriotic people out there, who surely gonna buy this luxury Nokia 3310.

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