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This is the latest design of Iphone 8


Iphone 8 final design is out

We got so many leaks and rumours about the Apple’s Iphone 8, but is the final design i expect. Many leaked photos are on internet about the new design and style that Apple is working on for its new phone. It is well known that Apple will release its new phone on its 10th anniversary. And we have few more leaks from the deep sources which claims that its final design of the upcoming Iphone 8.

Iphone 8

This is the new photo that I received from the deep sources and they say this is the final design of Iphone 8 that Apple is manufacturing. Now I also received few photos from the Chinese manufacturing department of Apple which says that this is the design of Apple Iphone 8 that the unit is manufacturing.

iphone 8 chinese manufacturing unit

These all new leaks are very much matching with the previous leaks. Here what I get to see that the screen is covering whole of the area, but the front facing camera and sensors are placed between the top middle part of the screen. The rest part in that top are will be available for display for displaying notifications, network and battery status.

Coming on the back of the phone where the whole world is eagerly waiting to see the new placements of the camera, I found the camera is now aligned vertically in one corner. There is Apple logo in the middle of the phone, as usual.

front and back body of Iphone 8

Back in times, few months ago it was also heard that Samsung is manufacturing curved edge-to-edge display for Apple, just the Samsung is using the display in its S8 models. From a report I also found that Apple is importing 3D sensing module camera lens for its Iphone 8.

From the reports it is also heard that Apple will be the first company to provide 3D sensing camera lens in its phone. So we can expect this news to be true that Apple will be providing 3D camera lens (back and front) in its upcoming phone Iphone 8.

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  4. Dipun nayak says

    Whr is iphn 9 hahahaha.. ,and who is going to by 8 if x is existing already

    1. BigeshChandra says

      Haha, sir price does matter too. I was unable to update about the apple conference. But I checked out the price if iPhone 8 and iPhone x. X costs about $1000, where as 8 is at about $700

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