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WannaCry free Decryption Tool and Real Criminals


WannaCry scared the whole world and there is no doubt in that. It is the biggest cyber-attack till date as it infected the computers globally and made huge amount as ransom in Bitcoins.

According to cyber security firms like Symantec and Kaspersky Labs and Google researchers there is a link between WannaCry Ransomware and Lazarus. Lazarus is a hacking group who is a main player in the cybercrimes. Lazarus groups performs their operations from North Korea and their way of attacking is mostly cloudy. This group also have support from the Chinese hackers group and many the times they performed many operations together.

From the research in this 1 week since the attack it is only assumed that North Korea is behind this cyber-attack. Google researcher Neel Mehta found out that coding style of this attack is very similar to previous cyber-attack which was done from the North before. Kaspersky Labs also hinted that it might be North Korea behind this global attack as the way of coding of Lazarus and WannaCry is very similar to each other. North Korea has always been supporting and defending their cyber criminals. So there is no wonder that the North Korea Government secretly supporting and defending this global cyber crisis too.

WannaCry infected the computers of more than 150 countries and has gathered a ransom total of $91,000 in three different Bitcoin addresses. Hackers have been demanding $300 on each infected computer to decrypt their data.

Today on the GitHub page a patch has been uploaded by Security developers which will remove this scary ransomware from your infected Windows Computer. One of the patch was developed by Adrien Guinet a security researcher of Quarkslab and he named it “WannaKey”, and another is developed by a security researcher Benjamin Delpy abd he named his patch as “WanaKiwi”. The guide to how to use this tool is here :

Infected windows computer should download these patches and try to decrypt their computer for free as security researcher are still trying hard to fully solve this global issue and try to find the real criminals behind this.


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