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Wannacry Ransomware attack and protection

Wannacry ransomware hit the internet very badly 24 hours ago. Till now it affected globally over about 100 countries, locking-up all the banking system, hospital network, and many other online system.


The new version of the WannaCryptor 2.0, also known as WannaCry or Wcry is believed to be use the EternalblueExploit, which was developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) to attack computers running Microsoft Windows operating system. This infection vector was released by the group of hackers known as “The Shadow Brokers” on 14Th April 2017, it also got support from other group to gather the necessary files and tools from “Equation Group” which is believed to be a part of the United States National Security Agency.


On 12th May, WannaCry start affecting the Windows operating system globally. Since 14th March 2017, Microsoft had released couple of security patches to protect the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol used by the Windows. In order to protect your computer from this sever ransomware attack you can download the Microsoft Security patches for your Windows operating system. As per the Cyber Security Company such as Avast, you must download it and keep it installed to protect your computer and files against this sever threat. Keep the malware protection up-to-date. And make sure you are running current version of Windows Operating system.

The Attack

“In healthcare and other sectors we tend to be very slow to address these vulnerabilities”, says Lee Kim, the director of privacy and security at the Healthcare Information and Management System Society. “But whoever is behind this is clearly extremely serious.” He added.
This ransomware is locking user out of the system (locking their files, or network), and then holding the decryption or other release key ransom until the victim pays a fee, usually in bitcoin, as this is anonymous way of transaction of money because no one knows who is the real sender or receiver of this ransom. After getting affected from this ransomware the hospitals and other victims are getting a message to pay bitcoin of amount $300 to decrypt the computer and their data. Media has estimated that till now that hacking organisation has received about 8.2 bitcoin which worth about $14,000, but none of the organisation came forward to claim this amount, as they are afraid of getting caught.


From the recent news hackers have encrypted the computers and files of many of the countries including India, China, United States and many other countries, and demand a sum of 300 bitcoin worth of $ 20,000 to decrypt their computer and files.

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