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would you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8


It has been a year since Samsung has put an end to its Galaxy Note 7 model. Samsung got really bad review and performance from its previous Note segment phone because of the exploding battery and physical damage on the owner’s body through excess heating and catching fire. This year in August, Samsung confirms to launch a new phone in its Note segment which is going to be Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

A report from Sammobile suggested that the codename for the Galaxy Note 8 is “great“, and will ship under the model number SM-N950F.
Many of the websites confirms that Samsung will launch its new Galaxy Note 8 on August 26th this year, many designs are also very trending on the internet. The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to cost $1,100 for the 64 GB variant and the 128 GB variant will cost higher. $1,100 for Galaxy Note 8 which is $250 more than a 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus and $130 more than a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus.



Talking about the design, as per the rumours says, it will have an Infinity Display, which means there will be an on-screen fingerprint recognising system. Infinity display, which means most of the front part of the phone will be occupied by the screen, leaving no space for any physical key in the front side. We have already seen the infinity display on Samsung Galaxy s8+.

Design of iPhone 8

It’s also highly likely that Samsung will retain the IP68-certified waterproof design we’ve seen on both the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S8. This means the phone has been tested underwater at depths of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes.



I am expecting to get a 6.3 inch Quad-HD display in the phone, as this huge screen size paired with curved Infinity display will be quite disappointing without a Quad-HD resolution. The Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 both used Quad HD screens – that’s 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. But there’s also a chance we may see an ever bigger bump, with a definite possibility of a 4K Ultra HD screen on the horizon.


Coming to the processor, Samsung will never compromise with processor in this segment phones, because the company has seen a huge fall in Note line up last year. Samsung will power its Galaxy Note 8 with Exynos Chipset or Snapdragon 835 or the Snapdragon 836 which is in development by qualcom chip. Whichever Samsung puts it inside Galaxy Note 8, it is going to be more powerful and power efficient.


It seems to be like Samsung also following the new trend of dual camera. It’s a rumour out there that Samsung is trying to put dual camera in the rear part of the phone for better camera performance. Dual camera module seems to be a major part of phone now a days, so Samsung is not going to lag behind the race. So its for sure that Samsung is putting Dual Camera in its Galaxy Note 8.

What about exploding Battery ?

The Galaxy Note 7 ruined whole image of the Samsung with its poor performance battery, and this also caused the company a huge financial damage. We have seen so many of the owners of Galaxy Note 7 complained about exploding Batter, catching fire on plane, and burning damage on body. So this year Samsung is focused on the battery performance, making no compromise with the battery.

In a bid to prevent fiery phones in 2017, Samsung has rolled out the new ‘8-Point Battery Safety Check’ scheme across its smartphone manufacturing process: “It involves putting our batteries through extreme testing, inside and out, followed by careful inspection by X-ray and the human eye to ensure highest quality.”

Samsung adds: “This program is our commitment to safer devices now and in the future.”


Since Samsung is launching its Galaxy Note 8 on the 26th August, it is now a serious talk to the Apple and Google, because their iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 are already in making. Samsung is launching its product in order to sell up its phone even before other competitors, declared about their phone. So, it’s a great chance for Samsung to cover up its financial damage which the company faced last year. There are also rumours out there that the competitors might make some changes in order to get ahead of Galaxy Note 8.

Iphone 8 design

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